Agri-Climate Trust projects are geared towards the creation of an in-depth, commercial, practical and applicable understanding, adoption and up-scaling of Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA).

Our primary objective:

To create an awareness of climate change and acceptance of Climate Smart Agriculture as the antidote to climate change.


We are on the ground, among the farmers and various agriculture value chain actors (our business and research partners), whose daily decisions are critical to realizing the benefits of adopting CSA. Through our Partnerships, we continuously upload and deploy various CSA technologies for our farmers to assimilate, enabling our various partners to realize the aims of their collective efforts towards the continuous investments in the development and adoption of climate-smart agriculture technologies.

We work through the establishment of cross-linkages in the farming sector, bringing together farmers, researchers, institutions, NGOs, students and industry professionals and experts-in our climate smart village demonstration centres and agro-incubators.