Agri-Climate Trust is a Zimbabwean-registered non governmental organisation

We work in rural communities via various forms of partnerships to deliver our vision

" To use Climate Smart Agriculture to unlock the potential of farming communities by Changing Perceptions Towards Climate Change"

The Agri-Climate Trust Climate Smart Agriculture “Adaptive Agriculture Model” promotes the adoption of climate smart agriculture farming methods and empowerment programs which empower smallholder farmers and communities, while at the same time propping up their resilience towards climate change challenges. We combine research and demonstration on the farm, with farmers at the centre, through participative research models which bring together stakeholders in agriculture under one roof-extension, academia, NGOs, industry, communities, leadership and policy makers. Our thrust towards food and nutrition security aims to leverage on climate change, while also employing mitigation measures to minimise, and reverse where possible, its impact on food production systems and the environment.

Through our OneAcre Projects, we partner organisations and communities to realise the benefits of adopting Climate Smart Agriculture through various initiatives aimed at building confidence and awareness around the three pillars of climate-smart agriculture.

We use Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) to sustainably restore agricultural productivity and profitability in Zimbabwe, using social cohesion and gender mainstreaming as our guiding blocks in the design and implementation of our programs and models.

Our focus Areas

Women in Agriculture

Agriculture Research and Demonstrations

CSA Capacity Building

CSA Business Models for Smallholders ________________________________________

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