The world's farmers are presented with the greatest challenge of all time-to feed 9 billion people by the year 2050-in the face of ever-hostile climate changes. Every farmer must become aware of the challenges posed by climate change on the productivity, profitability and sustainability of their operations.

The Agri-Climate Trust is a Zimbabwean-registered non-governmental organisation, whose founding vision to

“Change Perceptions Towards Climate Change.”

Our farmers must be able to readily embrace modern technologies, expert advice and technical support to gain precise control of their productivity, profits and operational sustainability in the face of an ever-changing and harsher global climate.

We are currently working in Gokwe North District through our OneAcre Project, partnering organisations and communities whose vision is to realise the benefits of adopting Climate Smart Agriculture through various projects and initiatives- aimed at building confidence and awareness around the three pillars of climate-smart agriculture.

We use Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) to sustainably restore agricultural productivity and profitability in Zimbabwe.

Our Focus Areas

Agriculture trials and demonstrations

CSA Capacity Building

Climate-Smart Agriculture Models for Smallholders ________________________________________

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